Paddle vs. Paddle

About the Tool

Our mission is to build the world's best and most thorough paddle comparison tool. We want consumers to be the most informed when purchasing a paddle in this fast changing pickleball paddle market.

Brands (more added every week):Ace, Adidas, Bison, Bread & Butter, CRBN, Diadem, Electrum, Gamma, Gearbox, Hudef, Joola, Legacy, Oya, PROKENNEX, Pickleball Apes, ProDrive, ProXR, Revolin, Ronbus, Selkirk, SixZero, Spartus, Vatic Pro, Volair, XS XSPAK, Yonex
Where does the data come from?We manually source the information from each brand's website. Because of that it does take time per brand.
See an error?We do make mistakes. See an error? Feel free to reach out.
What's next for this tool?First priority is getting as many brands and paddles into our database. We've currently got 286 across 26 brands. We've taretted 36 brands we'd like to have.

Once that's complete, we're looking to add:
  • More data
  • Track swingweight, twistweight, spin rpm, etc.
  • Compare just within the brand
  • Better specification education
  • What do these different cores mean?
  • What about the different surfaces?
  • What's the difference between a smaller core and a larger core?
  • More brand education
  • Who can you trust?
  • Specific brand warranty information
  • What is this brand known for?
  • Price tracking
  • Our take on paddles
  • Our favorite online reviews
  • We can't try every paddle, but there are some other paddle nerds out there who we love and trust.
  • We'll start linking videos when relevant.